Honey Gardens plant medicine begins with raw honey just as we get it from the bees, so that the enzymes, amino acids, and vitamins are still alive! Medicinal plants are added to create a safe and effective alternative to man-made drugs. Our customers rave about the quality and the results from using these products.

Apitherapy Honey Organic Elderberry Extract

Traditionally used in the winter season to support overall immune system health, preventing and healing sore throat, colds and flu. A couple tablespoons a week for prevention, one tablespoon every two hours for healing.

Ingredients: US Grade A Raw Honey, Elderberries, Organic Apple-Cider Vinegar, Propolis, and Echinacea.  Other ingredients: Pure Grain Alcohol and Water.  (No need to refrigerate)


Apitherapy Honey Wild Cherry Syrup


Traditionally used to ease coughs and congestion and help the body heal itself. Also great for sinuses!  Take one tablespoon as needed.

Ingredients: US Grade A Raw Honey, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Elecampane Root, Propolis, Usnea, Wild Cherry Bark, Ginger Root, Licorice Root, Essential Oils from Lemon, Peppermint, and Eucalyptus.  Other Ingredients: Pure Grain Alcohol and Water.   (No need to refrigerate)


Honey Gardens - Elderberry Extract

Honey Gardens - Wild Cherry Bark Syrup

8 oz Bottle ...................... $19.95

8 oz Bottle ...................... $19.95

Honey Gardens Propolis Spray

Acts as an invisible Band-Aid. Becomes firm on skin in less than one minute. Good on insect bites, poison ivy,  and acne. Keeps out infection & promotes healing. Good for the throat, gums, wounds inside the mouth and outside the body.

Honey Gardens Propolis Salve

Good for burns, bruises, dry skin conditions, chapped skin, wind burn, those cracks in your fingers as well as other wounds. Very moisturizing.

Honey Gardens Propolis Spray .............  $12.95

Honey Gardens Propolis Salve  ...............  $9.95

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Honey Gardens Propolis Spray ingredients: Raw Honey, Propolis, Wildcrafted purple loosestrife and usnea lichen in pure grain alcohol & distilled water.  Shake well before use.  Honey Gardens Propolis Salve ingredients:  Olive oil, US Grade A Raw Honey, Beeswax, Sweet Oil, Calendula Flower, Plantain Leaf, Vitamin E Oil and Propolis Extract.

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